The restaurant in Denia with valencian typical food,

with more than 30 years of history.

Our history

The restaurant Venta de Posa opens its doors in a unique setting, set in an old village house of the Marina Alta that offers a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere to the diner, who can taste traditional and high-quality Valencian food, always made with local and seasonal products.


A restaurant in Denia of family tradition with more than 30 years of experience, which has passed from father to son and which has been able to reinvent itself, adapting to the new times but always maintaining the essence, quality and friendly service that has led it to be one of the major references of the gastronomic offer in Denia and the Marina Alta.

Over the years this traditional restaurant in the Marina Alta has improved its appearance and updated its menu thanks to the integration into the team of Federico Guajardo, a prestigious chef who acted as chef de cuisine to Ferràn Adrià during 2002-2003.

Venta de Posa is a restaurant for diners looking for traditional, simple and flavourful dishes, made with local products, always in an elegant and close way. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Federico Guajardo,
our chef.

Chef Federico Guajardo was born and raised in the Argentinean province of Neuquén. He was so in love with cooking that he moved to Buenos Aires to begin his training in Gastronomic Business Administration, and there he worked in different restaurants.

In 2002 he traveled to Seville to start his own path in international cuisine, having Ferràn Adrià himself as a mentor. Federico was Adrià’s kitchen chef during 2002-2003, which allowed him to learn and make a leap in quality in the kitchen.

In 2003 Guajardo settled in Alicante and found his own style, at the same time that he was obtaining multiple awards and gastronomic recognitions. Federico was no longer the Argentinean, but started to be known as “el alicantino”.

Currently, Federico Guajardo is the head chef of the restaurant Venta de Posa, giving a leap of quality to a gastronomic reference in Denia, mixing tradition and lightness.

His cuisine

Venta de Posa is committed to traditional and quality Valencian cuisine, using local and seasonal products, and allowing you to rediscover the most classic and emblematic dishes of the Marina Alta region.

It has a varied menu of traditional dishes that combine tradition and lightness, enabling the diner to leave satiated and light at the same time.

At Venta de Posa you can taste from a wide variety of rice dishes prepared in the traditional style, such as rice with “fesols i naps”, the classic paella with chicken and rabbit or the typical “puchero”; to delicious grilled meats, through countless snacks and desserts. All this with a complete wine list.

A cuisine that prioritizes the taste and quality of the product, and that stands out for its clean and elegant presentation.

Our menu

Our Creations

▪ Tuna tartare, pepper gel and chilled garlic and almond soup shots
▪ Iberian ham croquettes
▪ Grilled octopus with smoked paprika mayonnaise
▪ Iberian teardrops, grilled peppers, arugula and parmesan cheese
▪ Fried sweetbreads, humita (steamed fresh corn cakes) and pickled algae
▪ Corn pancake, smoked sardines and Maldon bacon
▪ Monkfish liver marinade with celery and lime ice cream
▪ Denia red prawn juice
▪ Tomato, tuna belly fillet and spring onion salad
▪ Eclair with salting bonito, lettuce juice, tomato, avocado, pickles and Iberian bacon
▪ Cuttlefish with mery sauce and minced marcona almond
▪ Aubergine, Jijona nougat, cheese and chive
▪ Slightly spicy Josper Chicken Salad
▪ Braised leek, capellán (dried salted fish), creamy wood-fired oil and vegetable jus
▪ Coca (flat bread) with foie, caramelised onion and caramelised nuts

Product of Tradition

▪ Dried Octopus
▪ Iberian ham cut in slices
▪ Artisan cheeses from C.Valenciana 1/2 portion
▪ Selection of salted fish (bonito, tuna jerky, tuna roe and anchovy)
▪ Capellanes (dried salted fish)
▪ Dogfish
▪ Grilled red prawns from Denia

La Despensa de la Venta

▪ Cockles
▪ Cantabrian anchovies
▪ Piquillo peppers confitted LC and dogfish


● Red mullet with citrus parmentier and prawns
● Crunchy cod with tomato sauté and spicy egg yolk
● Fish, variable according to market, with marinade and vegetables sauce


● Beef cutlet with vegetables
● Wagyu picanha, potatoes a la chapa (roasted) and chimichurri sauce
● Presa with creamy parsnip sauce and glazed onions
● Pluma (Pork belly) with fried cornflour and creole sauce
● "Bocado de la reina" with spinach gnocchi and onion juice
● Veal sirloin with truffled potato and meat juice cannelloni


● Croissant with aubergine, tuna jerk and Iberian ham juice
● Red prawns and brew from their heads ravioli
● Sorrentinos made of burrata cheese, pine nuts and esgarraet juice

Rice / Fideuás

● Ribs and Vegetable Rice with Josper
● Fideuà of duck magret and foie gras
● Rice with prawns from Dénia (dry or creamy)
● Cod, caramelised onion and cauliflower rice
● Chicken and rabbit rice with seasonal vegetables
● Monk fish and Norway lobster rice (dry or broth simmered rice)
● Pork belly, green garlic, courgette and dry tomato rice


● Lemon cream, refreshing meringue, ginger and Breton sablé
● Mango, white chocolate and passion fruit cream ice cream
● Creamy rice pudding and caramel praline
● Roasted pumpkin pie with roasted pumpkin seeds and chocolate
● Chocolate, mascarpone and red berries brownie
● Our version of burnt carajillo (coffee with a shot of liquor) with rum
● Madagascar Vanilla Custard
● Jijona and Bailys nougat perfecto
● Torrija (French toast) with ice cream
● Brioche with with whisky cream and vanilla ice cream


· Boquerón en vinagre con merengue de tomate
· Coca de dacsa con verduras a la brasa, sardina ahumada y velo de panceta
· Tomate y anchoa


· Berenjena a la brasa con panco de turrón y queso feta
· Carpacio de galera con jugo de pollo al ajillo y crustones de ajo y perejil
· Cremoso de patata con aceite de leña, puerros a la brasa y capellán y jugo de pimiento asado
· Pipirrana


· Salmonetes a baja temperatura con jugo de tomates asados y tomatitos pasa


· El plato que sea

Pre postre

· Lemon Pie


· Carajillo
De martes a viernes mediodía / viernes y sábado noche
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We wait for you to enjoy our mediterranean cuisine from Tuesday to Sunday
from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m.


Denia – Alicante

Partida Fredat, 9, 03709 La Xara
+34 965784672